One day trip in Bangkok บอกเล่าแบบบ้านๆบางกอกที่รัก

This it’s my story 2 years ago. I work and stay in Rayong (East of Thailand). one day, I want to go the temples at Bangkok after many years ago that I lost it. So, I invited my friend to join this trip, she lives in BKK. Let’s see our trip together!

The temples in our plan is

  1. Lak Mueang (Bangkok City Pillar Shrine) (ศาลหลักเมือง)
  2. Wat Phra Kaew (วัดพระศรีรัตนศาสดาราม)
  3. Wat Rakang (วัดระฆัง)
  4. Wat Arunwarawihan (วัดอรุณ)

The map for this trip

Screenshot 2017-05-28 17.09


We leave around 9.00 am, my friend apartment at Udomsuk so we chose BTS and change to MRT at Asoke to go to Hua Lamphong.


After that we called the taxi to go to the Lak Mueang (around 100 THB from MRT)

Lak Mueang is open 8.30 -16.30 free for everybody


After we done at Lak Mueang next station is Wat Pra Keaw (very close Lak Mueang) Open 8.30-16.30 This place is free for Thai people but foreigner has to pay fee 500 THB/ticket/person (except children who are not over 120 CM) with this ticket foreigner can enter The Grand Palace and The museum. The ticket has period 7 days.

We go to church and pray to Pra Kaew Mo Ra Kod. Before we can enter. The staff, they will tell about rule. “DO NOT TAKE PHOTO” take off your shoes and put out side. Were dress modestly We did it.

After we done and go to get our shoes. HAHAHA something happens, My friend’s shoes it lost. We tried to find around there and asked the staff to help us. In my idea if couldn’t find her shoes I must went to 7-11 to buy new shoes. The one women staff, she tried to help us till we know that we can’t find it so she told us to follow to her office to get new shoes. Also asked my friend to wear her shoes because the floor so hot. But my friend don’t wear. So After this temple my friend got a new shoes too.

Lunch Time : we got lunch around there and local ice scream


Next Station is Wat Rakang (Open8.30-16.30). We had to go Tha Pra Chan port by boat to across Jao Pra Ya river (Tha Pra Chan -Wat RaKang)

The last station it Wat Arun (Open 8.30 – 16.30) it a bit far also we felt a bit tired so we chose TUK TUK to go thereI remember when we arrive there is nearly close. Almost we spend time here to rest, take photo, to seem the river. In the evening, So beautiful here

Then we had enough rest. We must to go to meet our friend. (We had dinner meeting) so we plan to go Tak Sin BTS by boat But we chose wrong boat it go to another port. (Thai people also lost the way, hahaha) Then we had to change to the right boat.

One day trip in Bangkok, I’m sad that my friend’s shoes lost. Because that it new shoes and this it first time that she use it. She nice person, she told me don’t had to worry. She got new shoes and in bad luck there is always lucky. hahaha

(REMARK: BE CAREFUL ABOUT YOUR SHOSE) and if you lost it, please go to asked the staff, they will help you the best.

Last pic, The dinner meeting  😀



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